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Children's Laureate 2001-2003

Carnegie Medal 1989, 1992

Whitbread Award 1993, 1996

Guardian Fiction Award 1990


The Killer Cat Strikes Back

So stick my head in a holly bush...'

Tuffy, the killer cat, knows what he likes. And he isn't loving the 'art' that Ellie's mum brings home from her new class. So what's a cat to do?

A scratch here just happens to shred a painting. A nudge there somehow slips a clay pot off a shelf.

Dad hopes a particularly hideous sculpture will be next, but Tuffy's having none of it.

The killer cat will go his own sweet way!

Mischief and mayhem rule in Anne Fine's brilliant new story, with hilarious illustrations by Steve Cox throughout. It is perfect for developing readers aged 5-7 years.

Shortlisted for Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2008
Shortlisted for the Rotherham Children's Book Award

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The Killer Cat spreads mayhem among the paint pots

"Nonchalant Tuffy the cat makes his triumphant third outing in this latest tale by Anne Fine. Tuffy is fast becoming an archetype in children's literature."

achuka Reviews

"Well, stretch my stripes! Tuffy's back, with more problems... This, the third of the Killer Cat sagas, is enough to make a dog laugh."


The Killer Cat Strikes Back is a book for younger readers. It was published on 4 January 2007, and the Puffin paperback followed on 31st January 2008. Click the links below to buy it from from Buy The Killer Cat Strikes Back from Amazon.