Anne Fine interviewed on STV

Watch an interview filmed in 1990 by Scottish Television: Anne Fine Off the Page on YouTube.


An Interview with Anne Fine
Anne Fine

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Children's Laureate 2001-2003

Carnegie Medal 1989, 1992

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Figures of Speech

Anne says  Sometimes it's only when I'm asked to write a keynote speech...

"... that I marshal the time and space to put my tangled thoughts about a topic into some order. The recent United Kingdom Literacy Association conference for the teachers of English focussed on spoken language. My first thought was that, as someone who always 'sets it down', perhaps I'd have little to say.

"Fat chance. There are so many aspects that I found it hard to settle on what I thought most interesting or important. So, if you're interested, follow the link to see what I had to say.

Not the Norwich and Norfolk Festival

Anne Fine and Romesh Gunesekera, NOT at the Norwich and Norfolk Festival

"Authors are well placed to survive self-isolation," says Anne, "and I am not going to pretend that I have found these last weeks nearly as difficult as most people.

"But even a secretive churl like me enjoys meeting other authors sometimes, and I was very much looking forward to my event with Romesh Gunesekera at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. (We had been paired because we both became Fellows of the Royal Literature Society on the same day.) Like everything else, that book event was cancelled. Instead, the two of us recorded a shared interview for Radio 3's Free Thinking series, in which we discuss the similarities and difference between our writing lives."

Listen now, and find more information on the BBC website.

Listen to Anne on Desert Island Discs.