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Carnegie Medal

Children's Laureate 2001-2003

Carnegie Medal 1989, 1992

Whitbread Award 1993, 1996

Guardian Fiction Award 1990


Battle of Wills

Fair's fair. Or is it...?

Megan and Tory have never seen eye to eye.

They may be born of the same mother, but that's where the common ground ends.

Goal-orientated Megan runs a successful business with her husband, oversees every detail of their daughters' education and keeps her house in pristine condition.

Tory is easy-come, easy-go, and neither she nor her husband have ever bothered to hold a real job for long. Tory's slack attitude extends to her children's upbringing, and yoga will always take priority over housework.

Whilst Megan is deeply resentful of her stepfather Gordon, who stepped into her life far too soon after the girls' beloved father died, Tory found Gordon easy to accept, enjoying a relaxed and happy childhood with her 'new dad'.

Then the Grim Reaper steps closer and the sisters need to put their differences aside to deal with doctors, the hospice, a funeral ... and THE WILL.

Megan, obsessed from childhood with the notion of 'fair shares', deems the terms of the will inequitable. And when she finally learns just how much money Gordon has handed out to her sister over the years, nothing can stop the sisterly juggernaut from rolling...

Battle of Wills puts a spotlight on family dynamics in a realistic and humorous way, and will resonate with anyone who has a less-than-perfect relationship with their siblings.

"I love Anne Fine's beady dissections of family life - she's uncomfortably accurate and often very funny."

Deborah Moggach

"Anne Fine writes with lacerating honesty about dysfunctional families, in all their seething, grudge-holding glory - and the miracle is, she makes it all so hugely entertaining. I adore her books."

Sophie Hannah

Battle of Wills, a novel for adults by Anne Fine, is available from Amazon UK in a Kindle ebook edition.